Fourth CHE Internship Training, 2010.

04-11-10 7:08 AM

The 4th Spanish CHE Internship Training was a Miracle! After postponing it last year in October the Lord allowed our Meso-America CHE Region to be hosts for the Interns February 8 through March 6.

We had a total of 12 full time participants. Our Region sent three from Guatemala and one from Nicaragua. The Caribbean & South America Region sent 3 participants from the Dominican Republic, one from Haiti, one from Venezuela and 3 Cubans. We were also very glad to have a handful of local part time participants.

We will always be grateful to the Caribbean & South America Region for having coordinated the program and curriculum with us. We are also grateful to our Central America 2 Area and the Nicaragua CHE Teams –FIEMCA and Nehemiah Center— for having worked the logistics and welcome the CHE Interns during the field work visits to the CHE villages and neighborhoods. Praises to the Lord for all and each one of them!

Author: Dr. Hugo Gomez

Dr. Hugo Gomez is President of Global CHE Enterprises and has been doing Community Health Evangelism since 1984. Today the work of Dr. Gomez, his wife Miriam, and Global CHE Enterprises includes ministry in 8 countries in Meso-America. This ministry is composed of 60 staff members and 575 active volunteers.