Our Leadership Team



Hugo and Miriam Gomez

President of Global CHE Enterprises

Dr. Hugo and Miriam Gomez were first introduced to CHE in 1983 while they were working in a medical clinic in the highlands of Western Guatemala. Since then they have been training Christian leaders in the principles of CHE throughout Latin America. Over the years their ministry has grown to the place where the Gomez’s lead a team of 29 staff in 8 nations in Mesoamerica.

Jacob and Raquel Sotelo

Mexico Coordinator

Before attending the CHE Internship Training in Nicaragua in 2008, Jacob and Raquel Sotelo were in pastoral ministry for 19 years. Originally based in the port city of Zihuatanejo, they have now moved to the Tarahumara Mission Hospital located in the Tarahumara Mountains in the State of Chihuahua. The Tarahumara people need the impact of the transformational wholistic development ministry of CHE. The partnership of the Mexico Medical Mission and GCE will be bringing much fruit in the Kingdom of God.

Adolfo and Mayra León

Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize Coordinator

Adolfo León grew up in a Christian home in Honduras. After graduating from university as an Agricultural Engineer he went on to work for the government for 14 years teaching and training in his areas of expertise. One day his brother Edwin talked to him about CHE, but warned him that involvement in CHE resulted in “lots of work and little or almost no money”. Adolfo took the challenge of working with CHE in Honduras, and now leads the ministry of CHE in four nations of Central America.

Roger and Griselda Pavon

Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama Coordinator

Roger is a Chemical Engineer and a native Nicaraguan. He left his industrial job to work in the reconstruction of his country, after it was devastated by Hurricane Mitch. Soon after, he became the Chairman of his Denomination FIEMCA assembly and also coordinated the interdenominational Centennial Celebration of the Gospel being introduced to Nicaragua. Continuing to grow in faith he served as the CHE team leader for several years.  He now serves as CHE Area Coordinator plus Well Drilling team Coordinator in Nicaragua. Roger and Griselda have raised two children who are now following Jesus and are university students.



Dr. Hugo Gomez

Founder & CEO

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Mike Douglas


Denver, Colorado

Karl Mueler

Vice Chairman

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Richard Crislip


Gilbert, Arizona

Carla Brubaker


Peoria, Arizona

Lona Weaver

Board Member

Denver, Colorado

Jim Mott

Board Member

Davenport, Iowa

Gregg Bouchard

Board Member

Austin, Texas

Brent Strange

Board Member

Gig Harbor, Washington