He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”   – Mark 16:15

Learning Teachers.

The first week of August became very busy and exciting for the village of Las Granadillas among the Indigenous Mam area on the Highlands of Western Guatemala. A short term mission team of teachers formed by Community United Methodist Church and the schools there came led by Peggy Elliot and husband Mike from Crofton Maryland….

Working Children in CHE Projects.

There is a lot of controversial thinking about working children. If you prefer not to see this happening, please do not come to the CHE villages. In San Marcos Niza, like in all of the communities where CHE ministers, children are workers since they learn to walk. Their parents give them tasks to help in…

Church facility in Nueva Cajola nearer to completion

The village of Nueva Cajola near the Pacific coast of Guatemala received the Short Term Mission team from Bethany Bible Church from Phoenix last July 17th-25th. The team led by Jim Grubble joined the local church members working on the finishings to the walls of the new facility plus the installation of the new doors…

LifeWind Int encouragement

During the LifeWind International Council meeting last May, Hugo received “on behalf of all the fellow workers who have been faithful to the Lord and loyal to us, (like Florentin Cabrera since 1986) and on behalf of our supporters and family” a plaque for 25 years of ministry with the organization. Hugo added at the…

Opening new CHE Village among Kiche People

The CHE Training Team among the Kiche People on the Highlands of Guatemala invited Hugo to speak for the opening service at the new CHE village of Chicox, last week. Pray for this village, most men have left the country to look for jobs. Most of the CHE Committee and CHEs are women.

Area Coordinator visit

Adolfo Leon, Our Coordinator for Central America 1 CHE Area (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize). Came to visit and meet the Mam and Kiche teams of CHE Trainers last June. Manuel, a pastor and CHE volunteer from the village of Joconales in Honduras came along. Adolfo brought lots of encouragement to our 2 Guatemala…


The Kuna indigenous people of Panama during TOT1 Seminar taught by Roger Pavon Area Coordinator and Hugo, hosted by local Baptists and Focus Builders Int.

Baja Mexico TOT

TOT 1 in Baja Mexico, hosted by “Foundation for His Ministry”. Most participants coming from different states in Mexico!. Great opportunity to spread the seed!.