He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."   - Mark 16:15

Opening new CHE Village among Kiche People

The CHE Training Team among the Kiche People on the Highlands of Guatemala invited Hugo to speak for the opening service at the new CHE village of Chicox, last week. Pray for this village, most men have left the country to look for jobs. Most of the CHE Committee and CHEs are women.

Area Coordinator visit

Adolfo Leon, Our Coordinator for Central America 1 CHE Area (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize). Came to visit and meet the Mam and Kiche teams of CHE Trainers last June. Manuel, a pastor and CHE volunteer from the village of Joconales in Honduras came along. Adolfo brought lots of encouragement to our 2 Guatemala…


The Kuna indigenous people of Panama during TOT1 Seminar taught by Roger Pavon Area Coordinator and Hugo, hosted by local Baptists and Focus Builders Int.

Baja Mexico TOT

TOT 1 in Baja Mexico, hosted by “Foundation for His Ministry”. Most participants coming from different states in Mexico!. Great opportunity to spread the seed!.

Mam and Quiche Teams

The Mam and Quiche CHE Teams of Trainers sent to Nicaragua in September 2008 to learn “Back Yard Integrated Stewardship” at Rancho Eben-Ezer. We will be applying this concept at the future CHE Training Center in Guatemala to multiply it throughout the country and Region.

Ministry Development

In 1983 while serving at the Mam Clinic in the highlands of West Guatemala, Dr. Hugo and Miriam Gomez received the invitation from Dr. Mike Kadera (Latin America Director) to join MAI as associates. At that time the Gomez’s saw God’s intervention very clearly. They did not hesitate to join. By December of that year…