Happenings among GCE CHE Mesoamerica Region April through June

07-31-14 8:58 AM

Many happenings and changes we have witnessed during these latest months. Here we can share only some with you all hoping you will be encouraged too and praise the Lord with us.

Name: Elmer Jose Mendez, Age:10, Grade: 4th, Parents: Elvin and Maria Mendez, from the CHE village San Juan Boaco, Nicaragua.

Shared by Tania, CHE Trainer from our Nicaragua CHE team, (partner CHE FIEMCA) who writes:
We have been doing follow up to Elmer during three years, he has participated to all sessions we have done with the CHE Children in San Juan.
Elmer has shared with us how before belonging to the CHE Children group his behavior was bad. He was disobeying his parents, lacking respect to other persons, never attending church and very mean. Now, as he decided to believe and receive Jesus as his Savior he feels better as a person, he respects people older than him and he can reckon when he is not pleasing God.
Through the Bible studies he has learned to be obedient to his parents, to ask God in prayer  to forgive him before bedtime and to thank him for waking up well and living.

His dream is to become a Doctor, we asked him Why? Elmer said “in that way I can cure and save people as God does”.

Another sector of the village of Monrovia had no access to potable water. Now the women will have more time for themselves and for their home duties due to the new water well drilled there in April. It opens more doors for the CHE committee and CHE volunteers to continue to witness the Water of Eternal Life in Jesus. Monrovia is a CHE village among the Mam people of Guatemala

A bicycle repair shop would not be a bad initiative to improve income for their families. But their efforts have become even more fruitful by expanding their sewing project to weaving project. At the village of Chirramos among the Quiche people of Guatemala

The CHE women are already producing homemade fabric more appropriate to the culture. With the help of the Women’s ministry of Mission Community Church in Gilbert AZ they have accomplished this long prayed for Micro growing to Small business.

Sewing project to weaving project

You may remember how you helped us pray for the housing project in Nicaragua to continue. Just last May the village of Tichana happily saw the first house built there delivered to Argentina. She is a widow, mother of 7 kids, who had completed more than 200 hours of community service through CHE. 1Mission (Phoenix) + Global CHE Enterprises + CHE FIEMCA (our local CHE Partner) need more prayer to be able to continue and see multiplication of homes to the poorest of the poor with the CHE Core Values.


As you expected more testimony about the GCE new office for the Mesoamerica  CHE Field. Now we can enjoy ample and easy access for our fleet.

Now our Mam and Quiche and office teams can welcome you without fear of stepping on each other toes. We praise God for His provision through Face to Face Int, Bethany Bible Church Phoenix, Jim and Jeanne Mott (GCE Board member) for their contributions made it possible to  be near to completion of the new facility to begin functioning from there.


The people LBC joined to work

The people LBC joined to work

The last week of May, Mike and Christina Douglas,  GCE Board Chairman, led a youth team from Littleton Bible Chapel to the CHE village of Chanxenel among the Mam. The mile long pipeline laid by the villagers and visiting team is now supplying water to the church site from the well built last December so everyone can have easier access to water.

The children taught during the week would not miss the farewell

The children taught during the week would not miss the farewell

 The CHE Core Value of Community Ownership put into practice as Women, Children  and Men worked shoulder to shoulder

 The CHE Core Value of Community Ownership put into practice as Women, Children  and Men worked shoulder to shoulder

The Quiche CHE village of Climentoro was visited by the team from 4 churches from Arizona and our dear supporters couple John and Connie Kampschmidt from California led by Mike and Barb Ward. The Medical & Dental Clinic served hundreds of patients from the surrounding communities and the church’s kitchen construction project was started. The handful of people who prayed to receive Jesus are been followed by the local CHE team.

Long term impact.
Where are they all going to? or What for?


The village of Chivarreto, among the Quiche people in Guatemala, was trained with CHE during 1989 through 1993. Now they all put their hands together again led by the formerly  CHE trained people. In one day  they planted 4 thousand trees.

Village CHE leaders now became Village Officials.

Jose Hernandez “Chepe” trained as CHE volunteer then, continues to faithfully serve now as a CHE Trainer in spite of limitations and challenges coming with age.


Among the Cuchumatanes Range of Mountains the Quiche CHE villages also welcomed Intern Bre Jackson who worked along the CHE Teams of Trainers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua for 6 weeks May-July.

Here one testimony of a young couple praying to receive Jesus in their lives.

Medical Ambassadors Int DBA LifeWind Int once again gave GCE the privilege to be represented at their International Council meeting on June 3-7. Dr. Hugo was given a certificate for been part of MAI service for 30 years already. He accepted it on behalf of GCE and the CHE Mesoamerica Region.

The dynamics for the IC can not be different, always the CHE LePSAS methodology for the best learning.

Communion service for the closing of the IC is always included.

Dr. X who coordinates CHE among a remote area of the world expressed how the time he spent with CHE in Guatemala many years ago influenced his calling for this time in CHE.


Wheaton College Intern of 1999 to CHE Guatemala, Darren Avinash Adwalpalker,  now Pastor of a Church of God in L.A. hosted Dr. Hugo for a short visit last June. Pastor Avi and his Wife Amy have 3 children. Avi’s testimony includes how his time (6 months) in Guatemala influenced his calling to ministry.


Another great privilege for Dr. Hugo was to have visited Iglesia Nueva Vida in Queens N.Y. This Spanish speaking church have supported GCE ministry for 3 years already.

Missions Pastor Benjamin Rodriguez, wife Alma and other Church leaders with Dr. Hugo last June.

Our Area Coordinator (for Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize) Adolfo Leon went to our CHE Partners in Belize, the Church of God, to teach TOT3 Seminar  last June. Their team is gladly reporting how three churches have been planted since they included CHE among their outreach.


Also last June, Mexico Area Coordinator  Jacob Sotelo and his wife Raquel organized the Central Mexico Area Council in Tlayapan, Morelos.  Participants came from Guerrero, Puebla, Queretaro, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Chihuahua and Mexico city. The Global CHE Network Team was also represented by Dr. Jody Collinge.


Our GCE Board also has gone through some changes. Two Board Members moved from Arizona to other States and Al Anderman (Financial Manager) took over the Vice-Chairman place. Our gratitude to them for their commitment.

The Gomez family has recently also seen two great blessings.
Our daughter Christa blessedly completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Schreiner University last May 10. We thank and praise God for His provision for Christa through the PASA Scholarship (Pan American Schreiner Agreement, Presbyterian Church institutions). Pray for Christa’s future.


Mario, our second son (first child to get married) and Heidy (our pastor’s second daughter) got married here in Quetzaltenango July 5). Pray for them also. (Only our daughter Christa is missing in the picture).

“Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.”
– 1 Samuel 7:12

On behalf of GCE Board and the CHE Mesoamerica Region

Author: Dr. Hugo Gomez

Dr. Hugo Gomez is President of Global CHE Enterprises and has been doing Community Health Evangelism since 1984. Today the work of Dr. Gomez, his wife Miriam, and Global CHE Enterprises includes ministry in 8 countries in Meso-America. This ministry is composed of 60 staff members and 575 active volunteers.

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