The CHE Center in Guatemala - Community Health Evangelism


Global CHE Enterprises has always been committed to training Christians around the world in the Community Health Evangelism strategies. Over the past 25 years Dr. Gomez has traveled tens of thousands of miles and taught hundreds of Community Health Evangelism leaders, trainers and grassroots volunteers throughout Central and South America.

Through this work, it became clear to Dr. Gomez that the development of a training center for teaching the principles of Community Health Evangelism would increase his effectiveness as a trainer and multiply the number of people who could be trained in CHE principles and strategies. Such a training center would serve not only as a classroom but also as a demonstration ground for innovative agriculture, animal husbandry strategies and community sustaining enterprises.

After much prayer the Lord supplied the beginnings of the vision with 28 acres of land about 45 minutes from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (the second largest city in Guatemala). The land is a mile off the main road and adjacent to coffee and macadamia plantations. A stream runs through the property along with springs and the topography is suited to ranching and farming. Natural bamboo groves and lush vegetation cover the hills and valleys on the property.


Working together with our partners, the Lord has enabled us to begin constructing the first of several planned buildings on the property.

Nestled on the back of the property there are two A-frames cabins that serve as dorms. Next to the dorms is a shiny new kitchen/dining hall. The work is continuing, and the general bathrooms are near completion.

Excited and thankful to the Lord, in September of 2017 we christened the facility by conducting a 4 week CHE Internship Training! This fruitful training was attended by 20 interns from 6 countries.


Global CHE EnterprDr. Gomez estimates that by 2024 the center will be 50% self-supporting AND able to support some of the CHE ministries in villages throughout Mesoamerica. However, even with a dozen micro-enterprises and water-well drilling that helps to support the ministry efforts, it can’t be done alone and Global CHE is still in need of partnerships to complete projects such as:

  • Completion of the multi-purpose facility in 2019
  • Drilling a well that sustains crops and animals
  • Agriculture build and maintenance
  • Animal purchase and maintenance
  • Road repair and bridge building
  • Solar and wind power systems
  • Fence building and repairs

If you would like more information on how you can give of your time, your expertise or your money to the development of the CHE Center in Guatemala, please contact Mike Douglas, the Chairman of the Board of Global CHE Enterprises via the contact page.