Church facility in Nueva Cajola nearer to completion - Community Health Evangelism

Church facility in Nueva Cajola nearer to completion

The village of Nueva Cajola near the Pacific coast of Guatemala received the Short Term Mission team from Bethany Bible Church from Phoenix last July 17th-25th.

The team led by Jim Grubble joined the local church members working on the finishings to the walls of the new facility plus the installation of the new doors and windows. The local style of mason work was soon mastered by the missionaries who did advance a lot on the 4 days of work. Simultaneously the medical and dental clinic been conducted went smoother because of the help of the team members joining the local CHE volunteers in keeping order, doing the vital signs and organizing and dispensing the medications to the patients who gladly contribute the minimum amount they have to pay for the service.
As usual, the CHE committee decides the fee for the service and the funds raised go to the same CHE committee projects. Educational Games with the children and mainly the relationship which began among visitors and locals can not be less important among the accomplishments of the week at this CHE village among the Mam people of the lowlands. The verbal witness brought came to encourage those CHEs who by doing the home visits sometimes grow weary when the seed seems to take longer to spring out.