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Working Children in CHE Projects.

There is a lot of controversial thinking about working children. If you prefer not to see this happening, please do not come to the CHE villages. In San Marcos Niza, like in all of the communities where CHE ministers, children are workers since they learn to walk. Their parents give them tasks to help in the housekeeping or their crops or watching over their livestock. It is a virtue that many city children do not enjoy even amidst poverty. This virtue is, of course, threatened when it prevents the children from going to school.

But in this case, very well motivated by the example of the CHE parents and the Short Term missionaries from Saratoga Presbyterian Church California, we were amazed to see the willingness among these children to put their hands to work alongside the adults.

Both local and STMs investment of labor, time and resources completed the church facility floor. The children could not stop their curiosity and even helped the artist performing the mural on the church wall.

The local church members and Pastor plus all CHE people in the village rejoice to have this improvement in the house of prayer. It happened during July 30 through August 7.