Prayer Update for earthquake victims in Guatemala and more! - Community Health Evangelism

Prayer Update for earthquake victims in Guatemala and more!


  1. For those churches and individuals who already responded to the call to prayer and to generously give to help the CHE villagers to rebuild their communities. About $20K have been received and the work for restoration continues.
  2. Both Las Granadillas and Las Barrancas had water running back to their water tanks within 10 days after the earthquake. Then water flowing to their homes has been a gradual accomplishment.
  3. We were blessed to have here the Women’s Short Term Mission Team from Mission Community Church Mesa Arizona. They worked together with the CHE people at the Quiche CHE villages Chirramos and Chicoz but also joined the Mam CHE team to deliver almost a ton of high protein compound to the directly affected 86 families. The locally available drink powder will last for a month during the current need.
  4. The CHE planted church in Chirramos were able to present 5 new converts and their families during the farewell service to the Women’s STM team from  Mission Community Church.
  5. The Veterinary Team (Tom and Diane Schieffer) also sent by Mission Comm. Church were able to visit most of the same villages from last May and some new ones in CHE to follow up  the poultry and pigs projects worked since last May. A large majority of CHE villagers have multiplied their animals and some have even blessed more neighbors including orphans.
  6. Littleton Bible Chapel from Colorado brought 2 water well teams to drill one well in Monrovia (Mam village) and in Los Tuices (Quiche Village) which were completed and are providing water to both communities now.
  7. Drops of Grace from Texas came to Honduras and with our CHE team there and Hugo Jr were able to drill a well at the village of Las Pilas which is now pumping effectively to provide water. Our team in Honduras with Jr then moved to a second village there and are still working on it as of today.
  8. Dr. Hugo returned safely from Fiji where he had traveled to in order to share a TOT1 Seminar to the staff of Homes of Hope ministry. Karl and Debbie Mueller, pastor of Justice at Mission Community Church and our GCE Board Member invited and took Hugo there Nov 29 through Dec 10.
  1. Pray for spiritual, emotional and physical strength in the CHE villages to overcome this trial. They all need  prayer to be comforted and encouraged and recover hope.
  2. Pray for wise stewardship of our local CHE Training Teams as the distribution of construction materials is going now to Las Barrancas, Las Granadillas and to Chanxenel which proved to have damaged homes too.
  3. Pray to see all resources multiplied in God´s Kingdom economy to have these brothers and sisters become able to witness about God´s faithfulness.
  4. Pray to have them getting the materials to rebuild their crops irrigation system to continue to produce income locally so to avoid life threatening migration to Guatemala city, to Mexico and beyond.
  5. Pray for the week of December 25-31 will bring the STM team of the Mott Family with Calvary Church Muscatine Iowa to help the villagers of Los Alonzo with their CHE planted church facility project. Jim Mott is our GCE Board Member too.
  6. Pray for the STM team from Community United Methodist Church CUMC from Crofton coming in January to do follow up about their previous work at the villages of Las Granadillas and Las Barrancas. Hugo  and Miriam for GCE.
  7. Our host in Fiji, Homes of Hope are now in need of prayer for the Cyclone Evan currently hitting their beautiful country and loving people. Pray for the safety of the moms and children on the campus and for the staff.

Hugo and Miriam
on behalf of GCE and
the Mesoamerica Region.