Prayer Update! - Community Health Evangelism

Prayer Update!


  1. The villagers at the earthquake affected CHE villages have been gradually spiritually, emotionally and physically strengthened to overcome this trial. Due to your prayers they are comforted and encouraged and recovered hope.
  2. Our local Mam CHE Training Teams have been good stewards as the distribution of construction materials keep going to Las Barrancas, Las Granadillas and to Chanxenel. All resources received have been multiplied in God´s Kingdom economy to have these brothers and sisters become able to witness about God´s faithfulness.
  3. Our host in Fiji, Homes of Hope were spared from direct damage from the Cyclone Evan which hit their beautiful country and loving people. Praise for the moms and children on the campus and the staff were safe.
  4. During the week of December 25-31 the STM team of the Mott Family with Calvary Church Muscatine Iowa were here to help the villagers of Los Alonzo with their CHE planted church facility project. Jim Mott is our GCE Board Member too. Dr. Randy (Orthopedics surgeon) and Barb Gipple (dentist) were on this team. The dental clinic with pastor and CHE training Florentin was very fruitful at the village. Dr. Gary will be returning to do Joint Replacement clinics at our National Hospital in Xela in the near future.
  5. Adolfo Leon Central America 1 Coordinator and Hugo Gomez CEO participated during the first annual International Wholistic Mission Conference in Phoenix Jan 9-11 facilitating the workshop “Community Health as a Platform for Total Transformation in the majority world” which was well attended.
  6. Our GCE Board of Directors met in Phoenix Jan 12-13. Elections took place and our new Board Officers are also
    as committed to the ministry. Blessings to the Mission Community Church and Face to Face Int for letting us use their facilities to have our Board comfortably meeting one day at each.


  1. Pray to have the CHE villages Las Barrancas and Las Granadillas getting the materials to rebuild their crops irrigation system to continue to produce income locally so to avoid life threatening migration to Guatemala city, to Mexico and beyond.
  2. Pray for the STM team from Community United Methodist Church CUMC from Crofton coming in January to do follow up about their previous work at the villages of Las Granadillas and Las Barrancas.
  3. For the CHE Training Center caretaker family Vitelio and Lucrecia as they have moved to the property since January 4. Pray for their children’s schooling too as they have to adapt.
  4. For it seems that God is opening new doors for more partnerships for this ministry. One of those is Drops of Grace from Texas after their first experience working with Hugo Jr and our Well Drilling Team in Honduras.
  5. Pray for guidance to seek for and to find a new place to rent for Regional office as the owner is wanting the house back after 12 years of renting from her.
  6. Pray for the plans to hold the CHE Internship training for Meso-america Region during the whole month of June.
    It will be based in Quetzaltenango with the CHE villages between 100 Kms around for field training. Pray for the finances to have the proper number of trainees from across the continent.
  7. Pray for Jacob and Raquel Sotelo, Area Coordinator for Mexico. Criminality has increased around them in the area they live and minister to in Chihuahua. Pray for God’s care and Protection.

Hugo and Miriam
on behalf of GCE and
the Mesoamerica Region.