Prayer Update! - Community Health Evangelism

Prayer Update!

  1. The 16 participants/trainees to the CHE Internship training for the Meso-America Region during the whole month of June (2-29) have all returned safe to their homes and fields across the Mesoamerica Region. CHE villages and local teams were also very blessed mainly from the Interns visits during the required Field Experience days. God’s provision through all of our Internship sponsors has been abundant, Glory to Him.
  2. Praises to God as Mike Douglas GCE Chairman and Kirk and Gloria Douglas came in June 8. They followed up on some pending water projects and completed a well now serving the village of Xanchenil along the local teams.
  3. Praises to the Lord for the week of ministry (June 4-12) along with the STM team from First Baptist Pine, Arizona who witnessed at the CHE village of El Suj on the Cuchumatanes Range of Mountains and helped the local church build a retaining wall and served through the medical/dental clinic also with the local Quiche CHE teams.
  4. We praise the Lord for Bethany Bible Church, Phoenix AZ joined  the CHEs at the Mam village of Xanchenil June 14-22. The construction project of the church facility grew as result and many were witnessed to through the medical/dental clinic also.
  5. The villagers of Los Alonzo were blessed by the visit of Jim Mott, Don Orvis and Team and wanted to express their praises to God for the encouragement they brought.
  6. Thank the Lord for Hugo and Miriam were able to honor Medical Ambassadors Int invitation by attending the International Council Meeting June 4-8 at Mount Hermon California. It is a blessing to GCE and the Mesoamerica Region to be represented by the CEO/ Region Coordinator and Miriam. MAI is wanting to enrich the MAI/GCE Partnership in special ways.
  7. Thank God that the short visit to our children Mario and Christa in school in Texas on the way to California was a very blessed time.
  8. Praise God for His peace is been enjoyed here now that we have been released from the recent administration challenges which ended with God’s trimming process on damaging people around this ministry.
  1. Pray for Grace and Guidance to be able to recover a submersible pump donated by Kirk Douglas which is still at the customs in Guatemala city. Paperwork and time are the main challenges.
  2. As the Training Seminar TOT 1 and 2 to Belize with the Church of God has been postponed -on their part- for October we need to do wise changes too. Pray for guidance.
  3. Join us in prayer for the invitation and plans for Hugo and Miriam to travel to Germany in September to share about GCE/CHE to be a blessed time with fruitful investment for our friends Eberhard and Heidy Schlotz who are beginning a society to help support this ministry too.
  4. Pray for the visit of Pastor Mike Niemi and brother David from Meadow Brook Baptist Church in Alabama who will be visiting the 3rd week in July to explore possibilities for partnership with GCE.
  5. Pray for more water well projects to private farmers or non CHE villages in Honduras or Guatemala as those help in supporting our whole Region CHE staff.
  6. Pray that resources be multiplied through on field stewardship, our part.
Your fellow servants at
GCE, Board of Directors