July 2013 among CHE Mesoamerica Region served by Global CHE Enterprises. - Community Health Evangelism

July 2013 among CHE Mesoamerica Region served by Global CHE Enterprises.

There is a time to everything.
July 2013 among the CHE Mesoamerica Region served by Global CHE Enterprises GCE.
It is our joy to share with you all some more testimonies of the Grace of God as we continue to witness about His Wonders through Community Health Evangelism. We must  make sure that you all who pray with us, share with others, come here or send others and invest  in all of the lives of the CHE Staff for this to happen should be as joyous to continue to bring fresh catch to Our Lord Jesus Christ.
John 21:10Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish you have just caught”.
Fresh catch reported from El Salvador GCE CHE team!
Read and join us in praises for this testimony from  Idalia Mansilla:
My Name is Idalia Beatriz Mansilla, in my life I have experienced several changes. I did not have many opportunities and I did not have a great motivation. Then with God’s blessing I heard  about a group of people calling themselves CHEs an through their teachings I came to know the Lord Jesus.
 When Christ came into my life my ways  improved. Now I have peace and rest. I always have problems and needs but I have to remember that in all God  is there  to help me.  When I have fears I call upon His Name and He answers to me. I live with my daughter only, I used to be very stubborn and misbehaving for what I feel shame now and I asked for His forgiveness for my past life. Today I want to live my life with Jesus in my heart and I try to teach my daughter the good she can receive from God.  I am not perfect but every day  I try to behave  to be in harmony with Him and with  those around me. It is a new change in my life which has helped  me to strengthen my faith in the Lord and to also have the tools to sustain my family, my household. I have learned good things in the Micro-Enterprise workshops and currently I feel as a  very important one for God and my community because now I am part of the CHE Woman group. I work learning everyday from my trainers as this is a blessing from God. I expect to continue learning and helping more people in my community with God’s help. May God bless you!. (below, Idalia).
Alberto Alonzo at  the Mam CHE Village Los Alonzo spontaneously began sharing his testimony of life as Pastor Mike Niemi and Church Leader David  from Alabama were visiting exploring opportunities to do Short  Term Missions with  GCE/CHE in Guatemala.
Alberto shared how until 2 years and 9 months ago he was still a slave to sin. Been a  mason worker he earned money but he used to drink most of his earnings and very often his neighbors saw him laying down face to ground on the paths to his community. In God’s Grace the CHE Trainers Felipe and Cirilo came to his village and began sharing the Good News along with the physical teachings on Prevention of Disease in CHE.
Here—above–  in the far right side Alberto and some of his CHE Committee members listen to Alberto tell his testimony.
God’s power transformed his life that now he is even the Chairman of the CHE Committee in his village los Alonzo.  He has also committed to lead the construction of the church facility project, (below, the CHE planted church beginning to take shape).
From Baja California Mexico, Enrique and Ellie Lugo, CHE Team, report more fresh catch:
Patricia, a teen mother (14),  recently rescued from Domestic Violence  and led to Jesus (below). Pray that the government authorities will allow her  baby back to Patricia.
Teaching proper diet (below)  in a culture who is among  the largest consumers of pop soda is not easy but Ellie is trying to as part of the CHE Training while Entering the Community Phase.
(Below, trying natural juice  from locally available fruit compared against sodas).
(above, healthy buffet tried by young and adults who helped to cook it).
The Short  Term Mission team from Focused Living Ministries South Carolina would not let the week of ministry, at the village of Tercera Calle in Guatemala, go by without  taking a visit to the CHE Property. They witnessed how –even small and steady– the work for developing  the Training Center goes on with God’s blessing over it. They prayed for it and encouraged our CHE Teams of Trainers on site.
(above: FLM team led by GCE Board member Derek Gowdy and Bill Manley).
Then at the village varied ways of ministration and outreach sowing and reaping in God’s Kingdom alongside the CHE Teams.

Before and After: Testimony from Nicaragua CHE Team, our partner FIEMCA.


Since last May  the whole community at  El Limonal have  witnessed how  this family’s life enjoy even more  wholistic  transformation   since they were reached, saved and keep on the process to enjoy  Abundant Life in Christ through CHE.  Bless our GCE partners 1Mission (Phoenix) as their commitment to help build the first decent home in the whole village can see the fruit. With the proper materials provided through 1Mission the family and community built the home in few weeks!…..empowered towards Community Ownership= CHE Core Value.
Pray  that the process will continue through 1Mission / FIEMCA / GCE.
Also from Nicaragua CHE partner team FIEMCA, we received report  on the spiritual  follow up to children and teens. Great pictures taken and sent by Area Coordinator Roger Pavon.
(above) Trainer Tania teaching how to use the Witnessing CHE picture  booklet to her young disciples aiming  for Multiplication= CHE Core Value.
The trainees from last April continue to multiply—throughout the CHE villages in Nicaragua– the crafts taught by Miriam Gomez  which include the Prevention and Restoration to Victims of Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence taught by Pastor Linda Rinzel from Under a Tree and Mission Community Church of Gilbert Arizona. Below you can see the trained  CHE Women by themselves sharing with more CHE Women to help them in Micro-Enterprises to improve their families income. Regional CHE Woman Resource Facilitator Darling Lopez keeps faithful and the committed coordination.
John 21: 13 Jesus came, took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish.
On behalf of GCE Board of Directors and the Mesoamerica Region CHEs.
Hugo and Miriam Gomez.
Please, now, go to the prayer tab and join us in prayer.
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