Intercession for GCE and CHE Mesoamerica Region is indispensable - Community Health Evangelism

Intercession for GCE and CHE Mesoamerica Region is indispensable

  1. The Lord provided  a contract for a well  to our team in Honduras in September and it is helping us in the support of the whole region CHE staff for the month of October. Hugo Jr  thinks just a couple of wells more and the Honduras team will be ready to do wells on their own. The training to Hugo Jr received from the Douglas Brothers has multiplied to our teams in Guatemala and Honduras. But still there is more to train and equip in the future among the rest of our region.
  2. The Leaders of Compassion Int in the West of Guatemala have agreed with us to set the dates of December 9 and 10 for a CHE Vision Seminar.
  3. The trip to Mexico to oversee and encourage the CHE teams in Baja California plus the team to the Tarahumara ethnic group in partnership with the Tarahumara Mission Hospital (Sept 12-24) went blessed for Dr. Hugo. Our CHE teams there were encouraged and hopefully enriched in training.
  4. For the Mesoamerica Regional Council Meeting scheduled for October 17 through 21  in Honduras is all planned in order. At least 41 CHE leaders (GCE and Partners) have confirmed to participate. Roger Pavon Central America 2 Area Coordinator went to Rocky Point in Sonora Mexico to train the 1Mission team there on Community Evaluation and other topics. Praise God for Roger also visited Partners of Hope in Spokane Washington and did a Vision Seminar with them.
  5. For the invitation from Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix to have Hugo Jr and Senior there from October 26 through November 3 to do CHE Trainings with them during their Global Mission Focus Week.
  1. As the Training Seminar TOT 1 and 2 to Belize with the Church of God has been postponed -on their part- for October we need to do wise changes too. Pray for guidance to Adolfo Leon Area Coordinator and the Belize hosts.
  2. For Roger Pavon Area Coordinator has scheduled new dates with leaders in Panama to re-introduce CHE in November.
  3. For the Short Term Mission Teams to welcome here in November.
    1. Women’s team and construction men’s team from Mission Community Church in Mesa AZ.
    2. Health Screening and VBS teams from Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Alabama.
    3. Water Well teams from Deer Creek Church and Littleton Bible Chapel from the Denver Area ( 2 teams 2weeks)
  4. Pray for our Partner ministry Drops of Grace from Texas had a good assessment trip to Nicaragua with Hugo Jr  and now they will go on with equipping our CHE teams in Nicaragua with a well drilling rig. Lots of need for safe water there also.
  5. Pray that resources be multiplied through on field stewardship, our part.
  6. That MAI & GCE will continue growing in joint ministry to the Glory of God and to present Jesus with Honor.
Your fellow servants at
GCE  Board of Directors,
CHE Field Staff,
and the Regional Office.