Intercession for GCE and CHE Mesoamerica Region is our plea - Community Health Evangelism

Intercession for GCE and CHE Mesoamerica Region is our plea

  1. The Lord provided for the container to be finally released from the Nicaragua Customs  after 3 months of prayer and paperwork!  Drops of Grace in Texas and all of us partnering sing out in joy and gratitude.
  2. People visited our exhibit booth during the IWMC in Peoria AZ last April. Our dear co-laborers who attended to it were kind to share about CHE as through GCE.
  3. We were able to turn back the previous house we used rented for 12 years to the landlady on May 6 and ever since we have been at the new prefabricated facility in progress and already at use. We now enjoy ample space, God’s provision through our dear partners.
  4. The STM teams (4) scheduled to come to the Mesoamerica Region during the summer were a blessing to our CHE villages.
  5. The Central Mexico Area Council last June went blessed with participants from a handful states represented.
  6. God is multiplying resources amidst our struggles to be better stewards.
Requests to take before the Throne:
  1. That our Partners & GCE will continue growing in joint ministry to the Glory of God and to present Jesus with Honor.
  2. For the TOT 1 that Roger Pavon Area Coordinator is taking  to Costa Rica the first week of August.
  3. For the Women’s Cycle of Life TOT to be taught in Honduras in September. 35 participants from 5 different districts in Honduras are expected to become trainers. MAI has kindly designated funding to partially provide scholarships.
  4. For the plans to take our Regional council to Oaxaca Mexico for the first week of November.  Pray for  Central Americans to be approved the Mexican Visa to attend the council.
  5. For the project of the CHE Training Center to continue in God’s Provision.
  6. For the participation of Dr. Hugo to help teaching during the CHE Internship Training for the Caribbean and South America Region the last week in August. Hugo will teach the series on Servant Leadership.
  7. For the new opportunities to train other organizations who are requesting for it.