- Community Health Evangelism


  1.  Our GCE Board visit for Strategic Evaluation and Planning first week of August went blessed amid the attacks. Mike Douglas our Chairman was able to return to home in  Colorado in emergency on the second day of meetings here due to his dear wife Chris being admitted to the Hospital in ICU. Christina continues to improve in God´s powerful healing hands.
  2. Karl Mueller Vice Chair and Al Anderman Treasurer continued here to accomplish the planned agenda until Aug 9 with Spirit led conclusions toward 2020.
  3. For the new opportunities and doors which are opening to share CHE training with new organizations across the Region, we have two  TOT1  to do within a month.
  4. Our son Mario defended his thesis work last Sept 10th. He was approved and will walk for commencement in December to receive his PhD in Chemistry from Texas A&M. Now he has to begin working at Miami International University where he and Heydi (wife) are moving to.

Requests we need you to pray for:

    1. For our Daughter Christa needing a new job position which will meet the requirements by the USA Immigration Department in order to go back  to work in the USA. Her initial Permit ended in July. Christa resigned from her RN position order to comply with immigration laws and returned to Guatemala in August while the application for a new position at a hospital in Tucson and permit is been processed. Christa had become a committed supporter of GCE during her time of work at the Peterson Regional Medical Center of Kerrville, TX.
    2. That our GCE teams and facilitators will be able to overcome the hurdles. TOT1 in Mazatenango Guatemala with Iglesia Fuente de Vida (denomination´s leaders) Sept 21-25 and  in October 18-25 with  Panama CHE Project on Isla Bastimentos.
    3. For the 2 water well projects pending to be completed one in Honduras and one in Nicaragua. The mechanical problems have been solved, now we need the solution to the technical challenges. Pray that Hugo Jr and Area Coordinators Adolfo and Roger plus co-laborers will succeed for good testimony to the villagers.
    4. For our CHE Teams and Family Trip to Guatemala city. We have been forced to postpone it twice due to the recent turmoil in our country due to protests blocking the main  roads around the country. Pray that  Sept 30 and Oct 1 be spared to have us accomplishing the purposes of the trip. Around 70 people, CHE teams of trainers with family will travel with us to the base of Medical Missions Ministries and will receive teachings on Relational Evangelism (to enrich CHE) for one day then on second  day for recreation visiting the Zoo,  the Natural Science Museum plus the relief map of entire Guatemala.
    5. For our Mesoamerica Region GCE Leadership meeting (resulting from our GCE Board visit) to be hold Oct 5 through 9th in Quetzaltenango Guatemala. They will come from the three areas among the Region. Mexico Area, Central America 1 and C.A.2 Areas. We will continue the Strategic Planning now specifically concerning to the field toward 2020.
    6. For the Training in Tijuana Mexico to bear the prayed for fruit. Sponsored by Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and Rancho La Paloma.  The Church in Girasoles are about to begin the Awareness Seminar with their community. Jacob Sotelo, Mexico Area Coordinator has committed to complete TOT3 with them before year end.