Witnessing in April through June - Community Health Evangelism

Witnessing in April through June

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou established strength, because of thine adversaries, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger. Psalms 8:2

CHE Children Nicaragua

CHE with Children Regional Master Trainer Tania Hernandez with the CHE FIEMCA & GCE Nicaragua team has established 11 programs among same number of CHE villages with over 200 kids in her country!

In the same way that God allowed us during our blessed times with Medical Ambassadors Int to see CHE Perinatal Support (which evolved to CHE Women) implemented in Nicaragua first among our Mesoamerica Region, now we are thankful to see CHE with Children exploding! Praises to the Lord!.



The coloring picture booklets developed by Christina Douglas (Our GCE Chairman´s wife) are been instrumental to teach the children the Biblical Spiritual Truth along with how to share it with their little friends!. No wonder why the attacks against Christina. Join us in praying for the Douglas.
Tania, CHE Children Master Trainer

Also in Nicaragua our CHE fellow servants share how they keep patiently on the Entering the Community Phase Steps in the village of El Menco.el Menco (FILEminimizer)

And in La Palma, CHE Phase 2 has already started …Training!!!

In la Palma Nicaragua

The Community of El Limonal moved on to complete Home #7 in the joint project with our partner 1Mission, AZ, where women mainly put their hands together as men go out for a daily wage….

Besides the home to home visits for witnessing, the dedication of each new home is an open door to preach the message to the whole community. See below how grateful the CHE Women are.

In April we were blessed to host for a first time the Mission Team from Harvest Bible Chapel, Chandler AZ to the Village of Escaputzi on the high Cuchumatanes Range of Mountains. Also the ST Mission team from Calvary United Methodist from Annapolis ministered at the village of Monte Cristo near to the Pacific Ocean. We praise God they went back home with the calling to return. Face to Face Int continues to bless GCE and the field.

Our Quiche Team of trainers also share some pictorial testimonies with us.
Livestock not to be sacrificed but to be vaccinated and deparasite

Livestock been brought to the CHE involved church grounds, What for?

Veterinary team

…for villagers to learn how to vaccinate and treat for parasites! Our partners Christian Veterinary Mission Team/Mission Community Church in Gilbert AZ have been very instrumental for years joining our CHE Teams of Trainers about ministering and witnessing through our joint projects.

Grain to convert to feed their livestock

Their own crops for grains been converted for animal feed and even more!…..

…the real Spiritual seed bear more new converts! The church in El Suj is growing! Plus…

…they are happy and proud to show us their improvement. New church’s restroom facilities which are been exemplary to the whole community at Quilimentoro among the Quiche people.

Last April/May Dr. Hugo representing GCE went to the IWMC in Peoria AZ assigned by the organizers to participate on a couple of other workshops plus to lead the workshop “Resources of the Poor and Development” which was attended by more than the 30 people Dr. Hugo expected for the LePSAS CHE Methodology lesson which he wrote.

This year Hugo missed –for a first time– the privilege to participate in the International Council of MAI in California due to health issues in Miriam which needed to be taken care of before the added privilege of attending the Synergy Summit in Barcelona, Spain, May 11-14.

Privileged to have represented the Global CHE Network

God provided through a handful of Board members and supporters who gave spontaneously and enough for the Gomez to even take a side trip to Israel after the Conference. GCE was honored to be included among the handful of organizations (out of 625) to represent the Global CHE Network alongside Terry Dalrymple our GCN International Coordinator during this summit of Missional Networks . The takeaway items from the conference are been useful also in GCE already. We also express our gratitude to the organizers for providing the scholarship for Dr. Hugo.From Mont of Olives

Peace beyond understanding

That day, after all other visitors had left the Empty Tomb Garden, Miriam & Hugo were overwhelmed by that Peace which surpasses all understanding….there you can discern the Power of His Glory! He rose from the dead!.

During June we were also blessed to count on the Mission Team from Littleton Bible Chapel CO.

Testing visual acuity

The Visual Acuity Screening Clinic performed by the youth team has enabled the few (thankfully) kids who received glasses to be aware of their need for corrective lenses.

Mike Douglas, our GCE Chairman spared one day to drive to the remote village Las Barrancas to assess the water project that the local CHE Committee are in need of rebuilding. The land slides caused by the last earthquake destroyed a big part of their previously working water system.

Our partner  1Mission sent a team to Nicaragua for the dedication of house #7 and even worked by the local CHE volunteers.

The mission Team led by Pastor Mike and & Barbara Ward from First Baptist Church of Pine AZ served at the village of Vista Hermosa on the Cuchumatanes Range of Mountains. The new portable high speed dental unit they brought is already put to use by Pastor and CHE trainer Florentin with his pupils: Enoc, Erica, Adela and Jacobo. To see this second generation made of CHE Trainers Children only makes you Glorify Our Lord for His Eternal Purpose.

We hope you were able to visit our specific post about the 6th CHE Internship training for the CHE Mesoamerica Region which took all of June here in Quetzaltenango. We continue to praise Our Provider who assigned several of you our dear partners and supporters to invest for this purpose.Those who completed CHE Internship

Always thankful for your commitment to let us count on you for your giving, your prayers and your witnessing to others who can also become part of the family of GCE in Jesus Christ Our Lord.

On behalf of all GCE,

Hugo and Miriam