October Prayer in GCE! - Community Health Evangelism

October Prayer in GCE!


  1. For Cory Rae Drust (Our Chairman’s daughter) joined and is very committed to help GCE in administration.
  2. For Hugo Jr had a blessed trip to Phoenix  and was  instructed by our GCE Board about more administration and financial duties for better stewardship on our part on the field.
  3. Even amid the excess of rain which made it impossible to rescue our pipe stems and drill bits  ( our pieces of equipment). The Lord is providing a donation of pipe stems.
  4. The TOT  Training of Trainers in  Lempira Honduras,  in Puebla and Merida Mexico have  been blessed. Our Coordinators in charge Adolfo Leon and Jacob Sotelo respectively reported.
  5. For our dear Brother Albert Anderman many years of service as GCE Board Treasurer now has transferred the duty to Richard Crislip. Al continues to be an advisor for Rich on our Board.                                                        6.For Christa Gomez paperwork before the US Immigration Service applying for work permit. Waiting for appointment for interview at the US Consular office in Guatemala city.



1.To become able to continue the construction of the A frame cabins at the CHE Center in order to begin using it for CHE training seminars.

2.For more doors which are opening to have us train more people with CHE. The invitation to train at the Apache Reservation in October was forced to postpone it until 2017, possibly in the spring. There is a crime investigation going on at the reservation and the authorities prohibited events until new advice.

3.Pray for CHE in Panama among the Gnobe and Kuna people as our co-laborers there strive to implement CHE.

4.Pray for the CHE in Honduras among the Lenca people to become established. Pray for a fruitful implementation of CHE on their part.

  1. Pray for CHE to be established among the Kechi people in Guatemala. Our partner Compassion Ministries of the Church of the Nazarene report advance since the TOT 1 last April.