Spring Happenings about Growth in GCE Mesoamerica Region! - Community Health Evangelism

Spring Happenings about Growth in GCE Mesoamerica Region!

Humbly and simultaneously proud Trainer Obispo among the Quiche team in Guatemala introduce newborn believer Carlos Hernandez who used to be an alcoholic but has been sober since he gave his life to Jesus when reached by the CHE home visits in the community of Vista Hermosa on the Cuchumatanes Range of Mountains.

Witnessing one to one, home to home in the CHE methodology continues to gradually reach whole communities for the Kingdom of God.

Once the CHE Step of Community Awareness seminars has been completed the villagers are ready to elect a committee like the new CHE village of Nuevo San Juan among the Mam.

As outcome of the CHE training to the Committee and to the CHE volunteers, both the physical and the spiritual truth, their eyes are opened to the solutions to their real needs by priorities. For example: Water supply, better garbage disposal, animal husbandry, the discipleship to new believers.

March 2017 came bringing the blessing to host the Mission team from Bay Presbyterian Church from Bay Village Ohio!. The CHE Committee and CHE Trainers at the village of Tacajalve among the Quiche people group in the West of Guatemala hosted this body of fellow servants who have obeyed the Holy Spirit guidance to minister here.

For some of years in a row our partners BPC have been growing with us on the implementation of CHE and Short Term Missions about “Helping without Hurting” in this part of the Kingdom of God. Dena Mitchell (Nurse) wrote an article we had previously shared with everyone: Reflections of Guatemala ST Mission 2017. Do not miss it!.

(Do not forget to click on each picture to appreciate the protagonists!)

Simultaneously our CHE team in Honduras were hosting the AMSA Association of Medical Students of America from Baylor University TX. A very wholistic team as usual came and along with local physicians and CHE Team helped conduct Medical clinics in four communities where the CHE process is ongoing. Come back AMSA!

Growing in partnership with the Mission Team from Pure Heart Church of Phoenix means such a blessing to the GCE CHE team in El Salvador along with the CHE Villages.  The Women’s Team once again put hands together in March though it was not easy to learn that Pastor Josiah Vasquez and wife Damara were leaving Pure Heart Church Missions Pastor position to begin serving with the Global CHE Network Service Team. Welcome to the GCN!  Since GCE is part of the GCN and Dr. Hugo Gomez is the Vice-Chairman of the Representative Council we feel more than happy and thankful to the Lord for the Vasquez!.

Below, These precious growing little ones had never seen/enjoyed so much water as now. Since March when the Drops of Grace (our partner) and our local team Roger, Caleb and Hugo Jr were blessed to drill and complete the well project for this orphanage in Tipitapa Nicaragua besides the blessing for the surrounding neighborhood to get water now means a growing testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ The Water of Life.

Then our team in El Salvador did a first TOT seminar at the city hall of Tenancingo in the East of the country in April. They even had two pastors from Guatemala attending. Pray for their growth to begin CHE implementation. May the Lord allow us to see the same process like in previous years with the City Hall at the Municipality of Quezaltepeque be duplicated to reach more for His Kingdom.

Below, you can see our GCE Board Member Jim Mott demonstrating to Guatemala Mam villagers how the EZ Stove can quickly boil the traditional corn drink “atol” with very little amount of fuel (firewood and etc). Last April Jim and Jeanne with their team brought over 50 units plus the equipment to teach our teams how to ensemble those. Introducing the EZ Stoves to the rural Guatemala need prayer support also since it could make a great impact about better use of firewood reducing deforestation with all its implications. In Africa the Mott have introduced thousands and are been used widely.

(Below)Growing in # of Trainers: The CHE FIEMCA team in Nicaragua did another CHE With Children TOT! which results reaching multiplied precious little ones to become CHEs!

….or growing in Crafts for CHE Micro-Enterprising in the WCL Women’s Cycle of Life. The CHE women in San Buena Ventura Nicaragua learned to make “pinatas”.

…or in Mexico, the Tarahumara Mission Hospital ongoingly receiving CHE training

So, in Global CHE Enterprises GCE we are all about education. Yes, the training of Community Health Evangelism based on the Great Commission & Great Commandment is a must, His Command.

Always grateful to the Lord God for the privilege to count on all of you, our friends and fellow servants for allowing us to serve people in the Name of Jesus Christ!.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our colaborers across the Mesoamerica Region,

Hugo & Miriam Gomez

June of 2017