Sowing and Reaping throughout the Summer 2017 - Community Health Evangelism

Sowing and Reaping throughout the Summer 2017


I planted. Apollos watered. But God gave the increase. So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.
1 Corinthians 3:6-7

The coffee crop for this year seems promising for the CHE Village of Las Barrancas among the Mam. After several years of fighting in prayer and work (planting, watering) they have overcome The Plague of La Roya.  They expect in faith an abundant harvest as God has blessed their work and faith.

(Below) When you sow the seed by CHE training in communities like this Mam CHE village ..

….as result you prayerfully expect to reap. One example out of many, the CHEs at La Tercera Calle CHE village have joyfully seen this young couple Norman & Ana Alfaro come to faith in Jesus Christ.

….and in Honduras CHE village of Joconales, one testimony of the baptism of new believers, harvest.

When our Chairman Mike Douglas and his lovely wife Christina are given typical presents and even dress them up with their traditional Mam clothes you are reaping Mutually Transforming Relationships having sown love for several years.

…..(below) By sowing sweat drops in their soil….

….you reap completed community projects like the church concrete floor at the new church facility in Los Marroquines. Littleton Bible Chapel from Colorado came short term in June to join the locals in their project.(see below).


(below) First Baptist of Pine Arizona came last June sowing among children and medical clinic patients to reap relationships and confidence for doors opening to the ongoing witness by the local CHE teams on the Cuchumatanes mountains.

(Below) In El Salvador, our GCE Women’s Cycle of Life team led by Rosita Sandoval our Regional WCL Master Trainer and Coordinator are now reaping males from having planted the Micro-Enterprise CHE TOT among their mothers and wives.

(below) Sowing the seed by hand concrete mixing? Yes, then their hearts are softened to water the relationship to see God’s hand to give the increase. Our partner The 1Mission team returned to Nicaragua in June to continue the joint project 1Mission/El Limonal/GCE towards people reaping improved life conditions by proper homes under the Community Ownership Core Value in CHE.

(Below)….The mission team from Christian Veterinary Mission CVM led by Dr. Tom Schiefer and Dr. Jack Rhyan planted the seed for vaccination/antiparasitic treatments in order to harvest the local CHE people learning to do it themselves. (Read a recent post on this website)

(below) Coming untiringly for many years in a row, our partner The Focused Living Ministries from South Carolina also planted the love of Christ in Los Marroquines Mam village that locals even let them reap interaction as far as handling their staple meal, long lasting relationships in Christ Jesus.

(below) In Mexico, our Area Coordinator Jacob Sotelo & Raque, his wife, planted CHE by teaching Vision Seminars in Michoacan and Queretaro. Pray to see us harvest multiplied CHE people all over Mexico!

(Below) Early in August the mission team from Pure Heart Church of Phoenix came harvesting trust in the villages due to their previous sowing in Segura, Las Marias and El Aguacate but also sowing the seed among new villages of Tenancingo in the East of the country of El Salvador.

(Below)….in front of the fact that countless people around and among us still have no easy access to water, you would want to sow CHE training to harvest Community Ownership on their needs and problems like these pictures speak about:


(Below )Early this month we hosted Daren Roy Brubaker and Mark Silverstein (cameraman) who came to sow by documenting the process of a water well drilling project “Dreaming of a Well” (even got muddy hands!) for a soon coming fundraiser campaign to partner with GCE to reach countless thirsty people. Be expecting it and praying for it!

(Below) More sowing/harvesting….. Bethany Bible Church/Phoenix planted more seed among all the patients treated and prayed for at the CHE village of El Boqueron in San Marcos……


……(above) reaping children for God’s Kingdom besides patients well instructed to follow the prescribed treatment.

So these are some of our -GCE- testimonies of the sowing/reaping during the summer. Please do not forget to pray with us for the imminent CHE Internship Training here in Guatemala September 3 through October 1st.  20 Interns (CHE Leaders) from Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala will be here soon. Our minimum existing facilities at the CHE Center combined with a nearby hotel will be the location to work at besides the Field Practice for 3 week ends at CHE villages.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Field co-workers

Hugo & Miriam