CHE Internship Week 1 at the CHE Training Center - Community Health Evangelism

CHE Internship Week 1 at the CHE Training Center

We are been blessed to complete the first week of the 2017 CHE Internship Training!  Praises to Our Lord for His Mercy and Grace and for all of you, our friends and partners who have been faithful prayer partners too.

Working with our minimum facilities: Two A-frame cabins, one kitchen & dining hall plus a tent at the CHE Property we have seen the Holy Spirit working here among all the trainees and trainers!

Trainees… In the first week, we have 20 full-time and 4 part-time. Experience a small piece of this week in the pictures below:

During this week we completed two series of lessons:
  1. Lesson: CHE with Children
    • Trainers:
      • Jody Collinge, MD, (From Zihuatanejo Mexico), Global CHE Network Curriculum Coordinator, GCN CHE with Children Coordinator
      • Tania Hernandez, Journalist, Nicaragua, Global CHE Enterprises Mesoamerica, Regional Coordinator for CHE with Children.
  2. Lesson: CHE and  Crosscultural Missions
    • Trainer Hugo Gomez, GCE CEO

Saturday and Sunday the interns will be at 4 different CHE communities for the first field practice joining the trainers in charge. Pray for their travels and time at the villages. Pray also for the Internship trainers departing (Jody) and arriving for the second week (Adolfo Leon & Maira Honduras, and Roger Pavon Nicaragua).