December 2017, Prayer - Community Health Evangelism

December 2017, Prayer

December 2017 Prayer Items.


  1. For the fruit of both Short Term Teams from Deer Creek Church and Littleton Bible Chapel from Colorado who were here in Guatemala for 2 weeks in a row. Their ministry to the Children in Chanshenel/Los Mendez and Palo Gordo, San Marcos is a seed which will produce by hundreds as these kids will grow in His Ways. The Water teams from both churches were able to advance and give thrust to the communities completing the 5 kilometers waterline in one case and installing pumps and pumping stations and into the well. Power voltage has to be worked in the near future to be able to complete projects for this thirsty people.
  1. For the CHE Micro Enterprising Trainings shared by our CHE Teams in Tenancingo El Salvador in partnership with the City Hall.



  • That the pending completion of the Water well project in Nicaragua will be accomplished as Hugo Jr and the local team follow up. That the Housing project

(1Mission and GCE) will also be able to see home #17 completed before year end in order to move to the Island of Ometepe CHE villages.

  • That the CHE Training Center in Guatemala will continue to be developed upon working on the general restrooms coming near to completion.
  • That both Shirley and Miriam will continue to recover from their surgery until total Recovery.