Transition from 2017 to 2018 - Community Health Evangelism

Transition from 2017 to 2018

CHE FRUIT!  In CHE of GCE we are not about community projects. We are about Training. We are about Education. Community Health Evangelism is education in the Great Commission style and methodology….”make disciples”.

Then as result of making disciples those communities learn about meeting their needs and looking for wholistic solutions to their problems with Community involvement and ownership.

Our CHE Fiemca Team in Nicaragua share with us, how as fruit of the CHE training now Enoc who used to be on drugs at a young age, now has come to Jesus in the village of El Menco. Praises to the Lord! Enoc is growing in the faith and will become baptized this month of March! Joel Urbina CHE Trainer is on the picture with Enoc.


The CHE planted church in San Marcos Nicaragua is a fruit of the CHE work at the village of El Menco who gave them the example.  San Marcos requested the CHE team to come to them. The Community based CHE Leaders have become the new church leadership with the CHE Committee Chairman Maria Elena who was the first convert took the initiative to get the community donating the old abandoned warehouse for church facility. Gerald a CHE team member leads the congregation.

Above, Are our CHE Teams Sculptors? No, but they are chiseling the walls to make windows in the old storehouse!.

Tania our CHE with Children Regional Coordinator and Master Trainer reported on how the demand to take CHE care of these little ones becomes overwhelming!.

…but the CHE children influence their parents to be trained also. This process is beginning to be replicated among the rest of the Mesoamerica Region field of Global CHE Enterprises!

At the end of 2017 the combined water teams from Littleton Bible and Deer Creek Churches in Colorado returned to Guatemala to work alongside with the CHEs and people of 3 CHE Villages among the Mam. Ministering to children can not be missing within their outreach because the local adults, church and CHEs can learn from our visiting partners appropriate styles of reaching the children who often lack spiritual care even in the church.

The CHE village of El Manantial worked along the STT drilling their well!

Water work happened during those 2 weeks of December, the visiting teams put their hands to work alongside the locals  advancing the process to get water to their village from the spring 5 kilometers away to the villages of Los Mendez and Chanxenel.

Rick would have loved to be back and get his hands muddy, but Rick is doing better with our Lord!

…installing the pipeline. To pump from the bottom of the canyon up the hill crest for several hundred feet is a challenge due to weak voltage in the public powerlines. Completion of the system is now for the next water team.

CHE among the Kekchi people group. The Compassion ministry of the Church of the Nazarene leaders in the North Area of Guatemala have requested the TOT2 seminar since they consider CHE is key in the fruit they are seeing, Praises to God!. Adolfo Leon our Central America 1 Area Coordinator and Felipe Morales Mam Team Coordinator took care of the TOT2  in Chisec Alta Verapaz last October.

On January 27 and 28, the GCE Board of Directors met in Bonaparte Iowa for our annual business meeting. The whole Board attended. Our hosts Jim & Jeanne Mott (Board Member) reserved their Inn exclusively for the Board and made many arrangements for all of us to be there comfortably. How the Holy Spirit united all of us in one accord! We praise the Lord for His Provision and Presence.                      

CHE Midwives for Abundant Life, aiming to help decrease Maternal and Child Mortality Rates! Our 2018 training took place Feb 14-23rd. The 31 trainees included 3 from El Salvador. Guatemala has suffered one of the highest specific mortality rates in the Continent. Our GCE Training Team: Lona Hanson Weaver RN (Board member) and Dr. Lisa Roberts returned with 3 helpers Velma Newton, Karen Palen and Linda White. Nazario Lopez, Mam CHE Trainer is on the picture too.

These are some of the many testimonies we wish to have time to share more. For example the Short Term Team from Calvary Church Muscatine Iowa will be shared in next post.  We just hosted Keith & Maureen Holloway of World Poverty Solutions visiting the work in Guatemala and El Salvador aiming to partner with CGE.!

RiCHEst blessings to you all,

Your fellow servants in GCE.