Thanksgiving in April? - Community Health Evangelism

Thanksgiving in April?

In Guatemala Thanksgiving can happen anytime! At the CHE Village of Los Marroquines among the Mam people it was celebrated last Sunday!. What for? Why? Grateful to God for the blessing of the abundant crops and harvests. The villagers brought the tithes of the fruit of their labor in Gratitude. This yearly practice is growing among the churches planted by Community Health Evangelism.

Felipe Morales, led the worship and prayer. Felipe who used to throw stones to the roof and dirt  to Dr. Hugo when he went showing the Jesus film in the village of El Tizate by the early 1990s is now CHE Trainer, Mam Team Coordinator, president of his denomination “Fuente de Vida”.

This blessing is destined as follows: a) Widows and orphans in the area, b) To sell for income generating for the church facility project    c) Help support the pastoral family.

Thrust for the CHE Village of La Reforma. Last February our partner since 1999 Calvary Church from Muscatine Iowa came on Short Term as every year.

This village on the Cuchumatanes range of Mountains in Guatemala enjoyed God’s blessing throughout the week in several ways.

You always wish they would never have to wait that long in line to be seen by our medical team.

But it is mandatory that we begin each clinic day with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prayer for wholistic healing. We treat patients Our Lord heals all of us.

As primitive as our mobile CHE medical clinics look people come very much hoping to find relief or cure from their illness, physical, emotional or spiritual. Community Health is: reaching people where they are at. Community Health Evangelism is: reaching them with the Truth.

Making sure patients have understood how to use their medication is mandatory.

The Lord is sending laborers to His fields. Dr Fuentes and Dr Cordon have also voluntarily joined our local and visiting medical teams!

Sometimes you have to do dental patients screening outside! Dr. Gipple would not hesitate to do it as needed.

Did great job! The use of the Snellen Chart helped many patients with visual acuity conditions.

Beading not only for fun but to teach/learn the truth of the Basic Good News, simply by using the colors bracelet. These kids do not have to wait to grow up and go to Seminary to begin sharing.

This precious girl learned there is a Crown of Life ready for her for eternity.

Children also learned that Team Work bear better results.

Project: Below you can see the “before”

and after:

Community Involvement + Investment will bear sustainability with long term impact, so does CHE.  The short term team from Calvary Church has learned  that by joining the local CHE people in their projects they are bringing thrust and help build confidence, faith and self steem.

From Peoria Arizona: Pure Heart Church sent a team to help us in our  office/headquarters in Quetzaltenango plus at the CHE Center last March. Been the leaders of missions at Pure Heart they got their hands busy and dusty but did a lot of cleaning and organizing which we appreciate very much.

Fellowship and one accord was enjoyable. Pure Heart is been led to want to see our partnership grow and to reach more and more for the Kingdom of God.

World Poverty Solutions: What a blessing it was to receive Keith & Maureen Holloway to visit the staff and team in  Guatemala and El Salvador. We praise God for their initiative to also begin partnering in CHE with Global CHE Enterprises. Both Keith(Secretary) and Hugo (vice chair) are on the Representative Council of the Global CHE Network.

All of the previous testimonies also become prayer items that we will be very much appreciating to hear you also join more in prayer.

Your fellow servants,

Hugo & Miriam

on behalf of our Board of Directors and field co-laborers across Mesoamerica.

April of 2018.