Prayer Requests, March 2019 - Community Health Evangelism

Payer Requests, March 2019

Prayer Requests for March 2019:

  1. For the Short Term Mission Team from Pure Heart Church and CVM Christian Veterinary Mission who Arrive March 9th: For travel Mercies and fruitful week in the CHE Villages to minister to and labor at the CHE Center to make it worth the investment to Glory of God.
  2. For the construction project of the Multipurpose Hall at the CHE Center which is just starting. For the construction crew and contractor now a believer fruit of CHE.
  3. For Miriam’s Health still in the process of recovery from knee surgery.
  4. For the TOT 1 to be taught in Yoro Honduras this month by Our Area Coordinator Adolfo Leon and co-laborers.
  5. For the follow up to completion of a water well project in Nicaragua which was paused due to the recent social and political crisis.
  6. For the moving of our  1Mission & GCE Housing Project in Nicaragua to the Island of Ometepe.
  7. For our Board of Directors searching for new members to enrich it.
  8. For the purpose and vision of making the CHE Center more useful for training and productivity and demonstration facility.
  9. For the role of Global CHE Enterprises GCE among the Global CHE Network GCN to be what God’s Will requires us to be.