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Rejoice! Not Every Thing is Bad News

Rejoice? Amid the crisis?

Yes, not every thing is bad news! In Global CHE Enterprises we have been witnesses of the work of Our Lord God amid this time of crisis and test to our faith. For example, at the village of Chanxenel—a CHE Community— Among the Mam People in Guatemala, Manuel Vicente , a CHE volunteer shared how in the past there was a big number of cases with intestinal parasites and malnutrition, but now the civil and public health authorities state how the incidence has gone down and noticeable improvement on the health of the children and in general as outcome of the Training on prevention through CHE.

The Village of Nuevo San Juan

At the village of Nuevo San Juan, one of the CHE Committee members told us how the COCODES –the Government Appointed Community Development Leaders—have stated that thanks to the CHE work it has been so easy to get the villagers responding positively and openly to the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the government amid the Pandemic.

In January our Mam and Quiche teams gathered for the World Wide of Prayer of Medical Ambassadors Int. Praying for each other teams among the 80 or so many countries of MAI continues to be our privilege.

In the village of Calel (Quiche) there is an 18 year old Osmar Perez. Before the Pandemic outbreak in our Region He was getting ready to leave his village north bound for the American Dream . But he was chosen by the CHE Committee to become part of the CHEs team been still a non-believer. He was very religious though (the official religion) but did not know the Word of God. During the Bible study of the CHE training he prayed to receive Jesus. After been followed up in his new faith through CHE the spiritual lessons he decided to join the local church, now has a privilege in the church and the idea of leaving his people has vanished even before the Pandemic.

Now Osmar bears testimony of the transformation his life is going through. Osmar says “I am very thankful with Jesus in my life, I realize that in my case migrating meant to covet the American dream for earthly goods, now I work for the church construction project, to reach more souls for Christ, I am grateful also to the CHE trainers Marcos and Mariano as well to ASODECS (Global CHE Enterprises name in Guatemala)

Last February, Lucas (our first Grandson) had a new Uncle and Aunt.  Brent  & Becky  Strand from Living Word Chapel, Oracle, AZ spent the whole month here going to the CHE villages with both Mam and Quiche teams plus helping at our office and home!

Then in February the CHE village of Calel among the Quiche people were blessed to welcome the Calvary Church, Muscatine Iowa for a week of wholistic outreach. The Medical-Dental team, the Swing team, Construction Crew along our national co-laborers bear testimony of God`s love. We hear testimonies now about God’s Hand worked healing and encouraging through His servants. . Even the kids liked to do a heavy job, for adults! I wonder whether these kids would be doing better playing Tablets and Cell phones? We should feel Optimistic about their productive future with CHE.

Right after we did a Pastors and leaders seminar among the Quiche people at the CHE planted Church in Chirramos. Four churches were represented.  Dr. Jeff Allgood from Iowa came with Jeremy from California.  ”Acts 1 & 2: Bringing Heaven to Earth”, “Vulnerability: Path to Freedom”, “Identity: Wrestling with God” and “Brave Communication” were the topics taught. What a blessed edifying and encouraging time for all of us.

Just before the Pandemic the CHE Women in 2 communities saw their dream come true. As Littleton Bible Church in Colorado donated them with a dozen sewing machines. These tools will help them learn and/or improve their micro-enterprising efforts for family support.

Also just before the Pandemic hit here, the last of the scheduled CHE Trainings to leaders was still accomplished. The CHE Vision Seminar to more leaders of the Social Action Central District of the Church of God happened in Guatemala City. Dr. Helmer Juarez, CHE Champion for the Work among the Kekchi people (Nazarene Church) of northern Guatemala helped Dr. Hugo teach. God is blessing the partnership with this two denominations.

Take off!…Hindrances been overcome! God is at Work here too!….the Jr High Christian School sponsored by Friendship Church in Lugoff, S.C at the CHE Village of Arenales has began functioning. To meet the Public Education requirements has been a challenge, plus the skepticism from some of the same villagers has meant big obstacles. But here some testimonial pictures:

The Honduras CHE Team report the miracle which God did on the life of Nolvia, the wife of CHE Trainer Rene Marin. She had been diagnosed with a Uterine Tumor. As they got back from the Ultra sound study and Dr visit they immediately got together with more CHE teams for prayer. Next visit to schedule surgery their Dr found no more presence of a tumor, praise the Lord with us!

At our CHE Center facility the Agricultural work continues. First, few weeks ago we received the blessing of a newborn calf and demonstrative plots with samples of growing highlands produce at the coastal plains is beginning to prove viable so CHE villagers can improve in their diet.

Amid the restrictions derived from the pandemic our CHE trainers can not gather with the whole groups of CHEs at the villages, but some teaching is still happening during the home visits. We are about buying ¼ of a ton of each rice and beans to distribute 5 pounds sacks of each grain to 96 families among the Quiche and Mam villages who have already become hungry due to the Pandemic implications like unemployment and mobilization restrictions, only in Guatemala.  But we may be in need to help our other fields across the region pretty soon. Pray with us for them. 

April 29, 2020.
Your fellow servants.
Global CHE Enterprises.