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Planting for the Future

CHE Lessons Provide Sustenance

As we posted recently, due to COVID-19, Global CHE has been delivering rice and beans to help provide hunger relief in villages throughout Guatemala.

Shortly after a delivery to the Quiche village of Capilla in the Cuchumatanes mountains, pastor Simeon Cano, the chairman of the CHE Committee for the village was eager to report back to us with fantastic news. His message was that the 9 families in the village were now planting a community garden!

Turns out that they knew that relief probably would not be provided for the long term so they decided to enhance their local productivity to take care of themselves as much as possible.

Using their previous CHE Training lessons of “Relief compared to Development”, “3X3 Foods”, “Family Gardening”, and “Composting” (of course coupled with the Spiritual Lessons) they obtained seeds and went to work planting a community garden.

In the pictures below you see the village families working together and posing with seed packets that are a diverse set of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, lima beans and carrots. A crop they’ve learned in CHE lessons are going to be fruitful at their challenging 10,000 foot elevation.

How exciting is that?! This is a beautiful testament that the CHE lessons make sense to those receiving them, are applicable with self motivation and will have a long term impact! God is good.

As always, we ask that your pray with us. Pray that this crop is fruitful and that all CHE villages will be blessed with salvation, nourishment and development. Especially during these hard times. If you are led, your financial aid helps to make this kind of development happen. Help continue the work of Global CHE through the donate button below.