Partnership Leads to Advance of the Gospel in Latin America - Community Health Evangelism

Partnership Leads to Advance of the Gospel in Latin America

Dr. Hugo Gomez, Terry Dalrymple and Ricardo Luna encouraging the team at last year's Million Village Mobilization which took place in Guatemala

Dr. Hugo Gomez is the Vice-President of the Global CHE Network’s Representative Council. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO, Global CHE Enterprises; well loved by all who work with him whether CHE Coordinator, Trainer or Short-term Volunteer.  He and his dear wife, Miriam, are truly gifts from God as they lead teams who are reaching the poor with Community Health Evangelism throughout Mesoamerica. Dr. Hugo graduated in Medicine and worked as the Director of the Mam Christian Clinic in Guatemala in 1981-1983, caring for the poor in the mountains of Guatemala.  He saw the need for community health and became involved with Medical Ambassadors and the CHE strategy. 

Felipe, who is a CHE trainer in Guatemala recalls a time when Dr. Hugo first began to visit his village with his team to show the “Jesus film”. In those days, the team had to carry heavy equipment and projectors up the mountain on foot to get to this village to share Christ.  Felipe took part in throwing rocks and dirt in Dr. Hugo’s face as this is what he was taught to do if people came to speak to them of Jesus.  The film had an impact; five years later he came to Christ and is now serving alongside Dr. Hugo!

Dr. Hugo continues to lead Global CHE Enterprises, but needs prayer as he has more work to accomplish for the Lord.  Dr. Hugo is working alongside Ricardo Luna, the Executive Director of ConEL, part of the Latin American World Evangelical Alliance.  Ricardo has a vision to mobilize 500,000 churches across eight denominations throughout Latin America by 2033! 

Dr Hugo writes the following:

1. ) Together with Ricardo Luna of ConEL, we began online Vision Training directed to church leaders in Latin America. Last Friday, we had about 220 leaders gather online in two sessions–morning and evening. We covered two lessons in each session. We will continue to meet each Friday in the same manner.  Ricardo Luna reported good results from this first day of training and there are more leaders wanting to join.

2.) Please pray that this Vision Seminar will catalyze further TOTs in each of the Latin American countries we are seeking to reach in 2021.  God willing, the international travels will be more back to normal or at least the minimum expected safety. This, too, would be a prayer request for all.

Dr. Hugo Gomez

“No me escogieron ustedes a mí, sino que yo los escogí a ustedes y los comisioné para que vayan y den fruto, un fruto que perdure. Así el Padre les dará todo lo que le pidan en mi nombre.”

“You did not choose me; I chose you.  And I gave you this work:  to go and produce fruit, fruit that will last.  Then the Father will give you anything you ask for in my name”

John 15:16