Flooded by the Holy Spirit - Community Health Evangelism

Flooded by the Holy Spirit

Flooded by the stream of the Holy Spirit upon getting baptized is nothing to regret.

At the CHE Village of Calel among the Quiche speaking people in Guatemala on May 16 many witnessed how, out of obedience, Cayetano Perez, Santa Perez and Mariela Abac took the step of faith to go down to the waters. This outcome from the CHE training to villages, churches, families and individuals makes it worth the investment of many, praying, giving, telling others, sending or coming along Global CHE Enterprises.

The CHE Training is the Wholistic effort to integrate the Great Commission & the Great Commandment.

Short Term Missionaries returning to our fields

Dr. Tom & Diane Schieffer from Arizona and CVM Christian Veterinary Mission returned last May to assess the poultry CHE projects and participate during the distribution of about 1,000 egg laying hens to poor families among CHE Mam and Quiche villages.

This family from the previous distribution shared how they now pick up 35 eggs a day, eat some and sell the rest so they get enough to feed the chickens and self support their poultry project; which had started with only 5 hens. This type of testimony can be heard now very often among CHE Villagers.

Transformation keeps taking place amid the Pandemic.

But the Emergency Relief Assistance continues due to the need. Even amid limited resources GCE also keep taking the step of faith to provide the minimum for struggling  people in CHE villages. Here, the Quiche team shares some pictures as testimony too.

CHE Training Emphasis

And above all the previous testimonies our emphasis continues to be the CHE Training process at varied levels.

So at the very community the learning/teaching process goes on. Through home visits, or smaller groups the Wholistic Training is done amid the Pandemic Restrictions.

And the doors to train other denominational leaders are getting opened nationally and at continental level. The leaders of LifeLine near Guatemala City requested and received CHE Committee Training last April. Then we were able to complete Online the TOT1 Seminar to 75 leaders of the collaborative Transform World/Food for the Poor/ConEl/Global CHE Enterprises from across Latin America during  May through July once a week.

National Congress of Social Action in Peru

Also GCE participated among the speakers for the online National Congress of Social Action in Peru last June.

Praise God and pray with us that they all will begin or continue to implement CHE immediately.

CHE Center

You may remember or pictures from April Newsletter Now you can see the landscaping taking shape and the productivity bearing fruit! Praises to God Our Provider. But there is still more to work on.

Take a look at our Prayer Tab and join us, please. We are honored to have you as partner in this Enterprise in the Kingdom of God.

On behalf of us all,

GCE Board,

Field Teams and

Your fellow servants,

Hugo & Miriam Gomez

July 30th, 2021.