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Showers of Blessings

The rainy season has started in our Mesoamerica Region and in spite of some high risk areas already suffering from mudslides and floods most of the rainfall has meant Showers of Blessings for domestic and agricultural crops, industry, etc.  But let us share some of those Blessings poured through CHE of Global CHE Enterprises so far into 2022.

Testimony of Claudia

Our GCE/FIEMCA CHE team in Nicaragua reported the testimony of Claudia at the CHE village of El Menco. Her husband had migrated to Costa Rica looking for a job and he died in an accident there.

Growing desperate alone with two kids she was reached through the CHEs and surrendered her life to Jesus. Now she continues to grow in her New Life and her transformation testifies of the Love and Power of the Gospel. 

Baptisms in Honduras

At the other CHE village of Merida (Nicaragua) a lady named Yamil Flores attempted to commit suicide by taking a poison drink. Mercifully the CHEs intervened so timely that she was taken to urgent medical care and properly recovered. As she was led to surrender her life to Jesus Christ now she has become a witness for Jesus and all the community can testify about the Transforming Power of the Lord. 

Adolfo Leon and Honduras Team were able to take some pictures of the fruit of new believers obeying the mandate to go down to the waters to get baptized as they have been followed up by the CHEs and Trainers.

A Second Drill Rig for Water Provision

But the need of physical water is as mandatory to meet still today in countless villages. A very dear couple, Kirk & Gloria Douglas, untiringly have partnered with us since the early 1990s. Besides training Hugo Jr on the technique they have been instrumental in equipping us GCE for Water Wells Drilling and Construction. Last January the Lord provided our second Drill Rig for Guatemala. Here are some pictures to illustrate the gift. to continue to help in Water Provision for those who thirst!

Water Filtration Systems

Our partner, Bay Pres Church Ohio, brought the water filters which were distributed among the Mam and Quiche indigenous families which met the Healthy Home minimum requirements along with the need of safer drinking water.

Growth in Women’s Cycle of Life/CHE Woman

Early this year the Women’s Cycle of Life/CHE Woman continued growing among the Quiche and Mam Villages. Many women continued to be trained on textiles, sewing and embroidering as Micro-enterprises in order to help in the income for their households. Micaela Itzep Gomez our Quiche WCL Coordinator has also been instrumental on this training bearing fruit.

Poultry Projects for Poverty and Hunger

Poultry projects continue to prove to help on the solution to poverty and hunger. Since early this year our teams and CHE villages have been busy like this.

CHE with Children

CHE with Children is also a main ingredient of the Showers of Blessings, here are some pics from our Nicaragua CHE team.

CHE Women in Nicaragua

CHE Woman from Nicaragua have been actively in Training for Wholistic Productivity in Microenterprises.

Non-Formal Education

As you all, our partners and sympathizers are aware, CHE of GCE is about Education, yes, Non-Formal Education/Training to impoverished villages and neighborhoods. As the Lord has commanded us to Educate & Disciple in the Great Commission and Great Commandment, Jesus’s Methodology.

8th Annual Internship Training

Last March God allowed us to accomplish our 8th CHE Internship Training which we had not been able to run since our last in 2017! See more about that on Facebook.

Showers of Blessings in Closing

So the Showers of Blessing keep on, God is Good, Infinitely Good. The Productivity with Sustainability in Community Health Evangelism is proven to be Wholistic in the Biblical Concept of Wholeness of the Shalom (Old Testament) and of the Soteria (New Testament).

Community Vegetable Gardens are part of the fruit and Church planting and growth are part of more and much fruit.

Praising Our Lord for your prayer support and investment. Thanks to each of You! We wish we could name all of You! But Our Lord knows each of You, our dear partners.

On behalf of our GCE Field Fellow Servants and Our Board of Directors.             

Hugo & Miriam Gómez 

June 1st 2022.

As always, we ask that your pray with us. If you are led, your financial aid also helps to accomplish the things like you’ve read in this post. Help continue the work of Global CHE through the donate button below. Thank you!