CHE Internship Training 2023 - Community Health Evangelism

CHE Internship Training 2023

CHE Internship Training 2023, the Mesoamerica region

Mission accomplished!

After the 2 online weeks in the Month of May, 15 students from Nicaragua, El Salvador and from 3 ethnic groups from Guatemala (Kekchi, Mam and Quiche) attended the 2 intensive weeks in person June 4th through June 17th at our CHE Training Center in San Felipe Reu, Guatemala. Our team of Master Trainers were:

Women Cycle of Life Module

  • Kelly Pick and Beatriz Gonzales from Medical Ambassadors International;
  • Rossana Ferman Sandoval from GCE El Salvador.
  • Micaela Itzep Gomez from GCE/ASODECS Guatemala.

CHE with Children Module

  • Dr. Jody Collinge from the Service Team of the Global CHE Network Zihuatanejo México

Men Matter Module

  • Verne Pick from MAI Int.
  • Juan Ramon Sandoval from GCE El Salvador

Micro-enterprises, CHE and Disabilities, Financial Health Modules

  • CPA Marcelo Lopez from Medical Ambassadors Argentina

Crafts for M.E. Module

  • Silvia Diviu Lopez from M.A. Argentina

Servant Leadership Module

  • Hugo Gomez Jr. GCE/ASODECS Guatemala

CHE and Cross-cultural Missions Module

  • Hugo Gomez Sr. GCE/ASODECS Guatemala

Hosts For the Field Experience in CHE Communities

  • Felipe Morales (and Teams) Mam Team Coordinator GCE/ASODECS Guatemala.
  • Marcos Gonzalez (and Teams), Quiche Team Coordinator GCE/ASODECS Guatemala.

We are so thankful and Praise the Lord God for Our Partners: Medical Ambassadors Int, Food for the Poor and the Global CHE Network as well as for All Our Supporters, Individuals, Families, Foundations and Churches to have prayed and to continue to pray that the trainees of this 9th Internship Training Episode will Honor the Lord Multiplying CHE in His Kingdom in their area of Influence. Here, some pictorial testimonies of the short story above.

Hugo & Miriam Gomez Global CHE Enterprises CHE Mesoamerica Region June 2023