Water is needed for more than quenching thirst - Community Health Evangelism

Water is needed for more than quenching thirst

“As they went on the way, they came to some water, and the eunuch said, “Behold, here is water. What is keeping me from being baptized”

Acts 8:36

Almost like the Ethiopian Eunuch, Santos Maldonado expressed to the CHEs in Calel Guatemala Quiche Area who led him to trust Jesus then conducted follow up for him through the Christian Growth CHE Lessons until Santos said “Is my age too late to be of worth to get baptized?”. So they went down to the water and obeyed the Scripture.

But through Community Health Evangelism you can also reach all ages for the Kingdom of God. In Nicaragua our fellow servants CHE FIEMCA Team rejoice on the profession of faith by Aldo García (14), now in training as a CHE Volunteer already witnessing to more youth in his village Los Rincones. Pray for Aldo fighting Juvenile Diabetes, first in his household to profess faith in Jesus.

Crafts CHE Training

But Evangelism in CHE is not events. Witnessing is ongoing. Crafts CHE Training also include the Colors Bracelet for Witnessing.

CHE Women

Food and Water

Cycle of Poverty

Furthermore, when reaching the poorest of the poor in despair and hopelessness the least you can do is ministering to them in wholistic Biblical ways.

Also the first week of August we received the visit of the Pastor and 4 leaders of Steam Boat Church from Iowa who came to explore CHE villages in Guatemala. They went back and will pray about partnering with us for Short Term Missions in the near future.

Million Village Challenge for Mesoamerica

The Global CHE Network has assigned Global CHE Enterprises Mesoamerica Region (us) to host the Second Consultation on the Million Village Challenge for Mesoamerica. We praise God that the local Organizer Committee formed by Leaders from the Church of the Nazarene, Campus Crusade CRU, Micah Network, Baptist Church CBM and ourselves have been actively busy to hold it in September 21 through 23. Join us in Prayer, we are expecting participants from Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia and other nearer countries besides our Mesoamerica Region.

On behalf of the Board of GCE,

Hugo & Miriam Gomez and Hugo Jr & Micaela
September  of 2023.