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The Kairos of God

Kairos for Alejandra Mende

Alejandra Mendez has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth. For 5 decades Alejandra had seen scores of people coming to her parents house with good intentions to pray and minister to her. Pastors, preachers believers in general had prayed faithfully and sincerely for her. But in the Kairos for her life God sent the CHEs (Community Health Evangelists) to witness the Good News to her for a first time ever, so she prayed to ask Jesus to come into her life.  With her limited Speech in her condition but having believed she understood then she biblically confessed the Name of Jesus as instructed by the Word of God in the Letter to the Romans Chapter 10:10.

The Kairos for the Village of La Loma

Last January 21-26 the villagers were blessed that after November 2023 postponement (due to Guatemala’s political turmoil), the Short Term Mission Team from our partner Bay Presbyterian Church from Bay Village Ohio made it here.

The Multiministry visiting team were instrumental for outreach to 80+ local children with BVS.

The Health Fair conducted Screened 1 patient out of 16 suspect of Uterine Cancer to refer to the nearest Public Health Department. Several Diabetes and Hipertension patients who had no idea of their condition were also identified and taught and started treatment. Optometrist evaluation resulted in patients receiving eyeglasses, dental treatment with fillings besides exodontics when needed. But above all that patients received Witness of the Good News and individually ministration with prayer.

As Dr. Gonzales who has volunteered  for 3 decades now retired from Public Health continues to unconditionally partner with us We now pray that the Partnership with Bay Presbyterian Church may continue for long time ahead.

CHE Women/ Women’s Cycle of Life

The CHE Training for Productivity keeps growing. Along the spiritual fruit the CHE villagers produce more for their family income.

More Training

Micaela Gomez, Quiche Women Master Trainer (Hugo Jr’s wife) has started to receive more technical training for Sewing to multiply in CHE Villages. Micaela already became President of her class at this vocational school.

CHE with Children

CHE with Children also grow in fruit!

in Nicaragua with our CHE Children Master Trainer and Coordinator Tania Hernandez.

CHE Children in El Salvador at the Village Public School School with Juan Sandoval our CHE Team Coordinator.

Partnership Drops of Grace/CHE FIEMCA/ Global CHE Enterprises in Nicaragua

The Kairos to have Drops of Grace Team from Texas returning after the Covid-19 Pandemic was accomplished. Even though the water well project was not completed due to technical issues Drops of Grace team will be returning to complete this well and to continue with more water projects at CHE Villages. 4 projects per year is a blessed goal to reach many people with Water supply and the Water of Life in Jesus Christ.

Kairos for Miriam

Miriam Gomez is recovering from Heart Failure in God’s Mercy due to several of You dear Partners Praying and giving for last December she had the Coronary Stent successfully placed. Now she also is learning to use the CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea. May Our Lord Our Provider bless you Abundantly for sharing even more of His Blessings with Miriam.

Prayer Items

Please pray for:

  • For Miriam’s Recovery and evolving Healthier.
  • For Hugo Sr Retinopathy new treatment with intraocular Injections started just on Feb 19.
  • For the Follow up Training on the Second Million Village Challenge Consultation of last September 2023 which we hosted in Guatemala City. That more of the participants will commit to take CHE Training and begin implementing CHE in their area of Influence in Mesoamerica.
  • For our GCE Board Annual Meeting for Saturday February 24th.rvants
  • For the 3 Short Term Teams returning in March:
    • Deer Creek Church, Littletom CO.
    • Littletom Bible Chapel CO.
    • First Baptist Church, Pine, AZ.

Be very blessed,
Your fellow servants in Global HE Enterprises
February of 2024.