He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."   - Mark 16:15

Regional Council 2010, page 2

This time was so This time was so refreshing for the relationships, fellowship, prayer, learning/teaching, worship, praise, equipping and encouragement for all the participants. The Lord provided in such a way that we enjoyed sharing with 27 participants from Argentina through Canada. Praise the Lord with all of us!

Regional Council 2010, page 1

The Latin America CHE Regional Council met on March 7-8 at the ABEM Center also. Immediately alter the Internship, both CHE Regions in Latin America were very glad to see our Resource Facilitators and Coordinators arriving as result of the prayers of our friends and supporters.

Fourth CHE Internship Training, 2010, page 2

We continue to be thankful to the ABEM Center in Nicaragua for their colaboration by renting and sharing their facilities with us. We acknowledge LifeWind Int, MACA (Medical Ambassadors Canada) and Global CHE Enterprises for their participation sponsoring the Internship Training in multiform ways. We praise the Lord for each one of our supporters/associates who…

Fourth CHE Internship Training, 2010.

The 4th Spanish CHE Internship Training was a Miracle! After postponing it last year in October the Lord allowed our Meso-America CHE Region to be hosts for the Interns February 8 through March 6. We had a total of 12 full time participants. Our Region sent three from Guatemala and one from Nicaragua. The Caribbean…